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Oakmont Web is a design, development & marketing agency based in Salem, OR

Skyrocket your sales. Increase your revenue by 20% today.

Accessible strategy experts that create stunning sites. We are Oakmont Web, a web design and online marketing consultation firm in Salem, Oregon. You have an amazing product, you need the best for your consumer, get the very best for your business. Kick-start your online reputation and brand presence by partnering with Oakmont Web today.

Oakmont Web is your comprehensive resource to full service Internet Marketing. Oakmont Web is a leader in web design, E-commerce solutions, and web conversions; We’ve helped prestigious clients like yourself in the Pacific Northwest increase their sales and build road maps to success for 12 years.

Winner of over 12 industry awards – We specialize in converting your traffic into consumers.

See what results have awe-struck our 73 clients in the last 12 YEARS.

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Your website is your opportunity to give your consumers an unforgettable experience. Unify your brand with strong proven visual styles. Settle for nothing less than the best.



Dont waste your potential. A website is more than an informational brochure. Oakmont Web creates effective plans to capitalize and monetize each and every visitor.


User First

Customer service is key. Oakmont Web delivers fresh designs that are a breeze to use. Clarity – Lets show the world what value you are bringing your customers today.



Save time and energy. Oakmont Web streamlines the creative discovery process. Experts on what works and doesn’t work on the web, we launch sites in one week or less from the first consultation.

Solutions as a service

Iron clad and future proof solutions – lets share your vision and value.

Oakmont Web is a full service web design and marketing agency based in Salem, Oregon. Behind the scenes, our elite team of designers, developers, sysadmins and marketing experts are creating charismatic, compelling, and captivating designs that engage your target audience. Our teams wealthy talent and passion for creating effective, magnetic, and enchanting experiences triumphs expectation. Every website and web application Oakmont Web develop comes with turbo-charged content management software that allows clients and partners to easily edit their brilliant content on the fly. After our legendary designs come to fruition clients will work closely with our amazing online marketers that will leave you in awe at the results. Let’s make some money! We will turn your traffic into conversions – overnight. 

Web Design

We celebrate your business by creating a tested understanding of your operation. Forming a dialogue with Oakmont Web’s lead designers, we translate your vision to the world wide web. Cutting edge doesn’t cut it anymore. The web is in a spectacular shift of constant change. Our web design is responsive and future proofed for the ever changing standards of the internet. Clients marvel at our jaw-dropping and reliable designs that work on every device with consistent user experience. Captivate and convert your guests to customers with easy to follow and attractive web sites by calling Oakmont Web today.

Pay Per Click / Pay Per Customer Advertising !

Need some assistance on getting into the most effective form of advertising ever created? Oakmont Web is here to assist you with your PPC Ads in Oregon. We partner with Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Admob and more to get the word out about your business. Create highly effective advertising campaigns that target your audience. Don’t waste money on billboards and radio advertisements when you can advertise to your specific customer. The best part? Only pay when an interested customer clicks on your ad! With these amazing tools you can create highly efficient and effective marketing data. With our help, you can decide what’s more popular between multiple targeted ads, and scale in the direction of the one profiting the most! Want an ad that targets hard working dads? Done. How about one just for brand new mothers? Got it. We can help create highly effective targeted ads today. Give us a call to find out more.

With PPC, our clients increase their sales by over 66% the first quarter! Only pay when you get a customer!

Social Media Management

Did you know you can increase your audience and web traffic overnight for free? Go post on all of your social media profiles this very second! If you aren’t spreading awareness of your brand on social media every day then it is critical you get started now. Create a weekly content release schedule. If your problem is that you don’t have the time or not sure what to post on social media or what to blog about, Oakmont Web is the solution. Give us a call at 503-932-8736  hire us to manage your social media presence, e-mail newsletters, and  online marketing. Looking to extending your kickstarter, donation drive, or political campaigns online?  You need to be reaching out on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, Instagram and more !  We will assist your business in: Sales, Click-Thrus, E-mail sign ups, Likes & Shares – gain brand visibility TODAY. We make it so simple, fast, and easy.  We increase the engagement of your users and customers and provide amazing customer support. We guarantee Social Media management will improve the number of interested individuals that learn about your business for the very first time. Each new customer carries the weight of that lifetime value of recurring revenue you can count on with your solid product and equally solid online marketing plan. You will sell more of your product and provide more value to thousands of lives. Reach a number of new customers you never dreamed possible compared to your current operation with an effective and guaranteed return on investment. Social media management is more than just advertisement, it’s an opportunity to get closer with your market. Oakmont Web is your resource to consult on strategy for effective use of social media to gain brand awareness. Get this project started ASAP. Give us a call!

Online Marketing

Dive into what the world’s exploring and compare essential data about your traffic. Partners of Alphabet, Oakmont Web uses powerful analytical market research tools provided by Google. Boost your sales today by creating an online campaign to circulate awareness of your product and brand. Affiliate Marketing is a performance based tool you can use to your advantage. Create mutually beneficial relationships with affiliates that boost your traffic and bring you sales. Pay only when they make you a sale. Online Marketing is your most passionate salesman that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week and never needs a break. Social Network advertisement is an incredibly powerful socio-psycho-graphic device that combines several targeting options like behavior and geotargeting to make incredibly detailed prospective groups for your brand/product. Using targeted Google and Facebook Ads, your sales will increase dramatically overnight. 

iPhone / Android / Windows App Development

Sell Smarter. No strings attached.

Bringing your incredible experience to other devices can only boost your traffic – traffic brings sales! 40% of Salesman say prospecting is the most difficult part. There’s a direct relationship between traffic and sales. Oakmont web will secure those sales for you. Create opportunity with even more traffic by cross developing a mobile application. The longer consumers enjoy your website and application, the more opportunities you have to show your customer what kind of value you can create for their lives. Boost your engagement! Lower your bounce rate! Create more revenue. Oakmont Web can transfer your website to a mobile app and develop custom features to boost engagement!

Search Engine Optimization and Youtube Marketing

Get noticed on the first page of Google in Salem, Oregon!

What’s a song if nobody has heard it?

SEO is constantly changing. In 2018, Google and Bing want to see responsive, mobile first, and accessible content! People right now are googling “How do I …. ” “Where can I …” ” What does it mean if…” With our help, we can guide these Google searches to your small business or product. Dominate the local google searches in Salem, Oregon. Our SEO skills can’t be beat! We use content smart marketing to get your brand noticed! How would it feel to get the top search result for over a thousand different Google searches? SEO is day in, day out work. You’re busy running your business, let us help with your SEO! 

The Most Effective E-commerce Solution in Salem, Oregon

Strengthen your small-medium business overnight. Double or triple your monthly revenue. Got an amazing product? A retail outlet? Restaurant or supply store? Online shopping is growing every quarter. Studies show the more income a person makes the more likely they do almost all of their shopping online. Shopping online benefits wealthy people immeasurably, adding convenience and extra time to their lives. Shopping online gives people time to do more important things.  E-commerce is projected to take over retail in less than 10 years. You must future proof your inventory or small business! We create remarkable avenues of revenue most clients were completely unaware of or previously thought were too difficult or expensive to do. Add the ability for your consumers to order online or on an app and pick up in store today for no extra cost! Increasing productivity, customer service, and add time to your business. Power-Up your operation with a suite of online tools. An automated shipping software on the backend of every Oakmont Web site makes E-commerce simple and easy to understand. We’ll handle payment processing at the very best rate, shipping/handling, SKUs, inventory, weight/height info, product photos, marketing materials, ordering, coupons, physical / downloadable products, ebook software, music software, safety protocols, secure payments, direct deposits, totally automated e-commerce…. and more. From online ordering to online retail stores. Oakmont Web can create a online web store for you. More than double your accessibility to cash flow and double your assets overnight. 

Effective and Secure Online Brand and Social Network Management

Integrity and consistency are the most important factor in brand management. In today’s evolving world, information travels fast. Oakmont Web’s tested and thorough policies and procedures guarantee professional and certified brand integrity along every one of your business’s marketing goals. Our research and development staff works hand in hand with the latest online analyst tools to show you exactly how much traffic your site is receiving and the markets reaction. Our Social Network managers create effective and spirited social media campaigns that are guaranteed to boost customer engagement and brand awareness. Boost traffic by more than 20%. The Social Network team at Oakmont Web entices Influencers online to circulate your brand and share it with their closest circles.

Cloud Website Hosting & Cloud Application Hosting

Partners with Google, we host and manage your site on the cloud. Our team is always up and running and devoted to your online enterprise. No frustration – No hassle.
Your cloud server can be accessed anywhere at anytime from anyplace with a web browser. Or just relax, our support team can handle any and all requests and we’re always available.

Per Bandwidth.

Plans start as low as $3

99.9999% of completely solid uptime.  24/7 Support. Unlimited E-mail addresses. Windows & Linux based servers. Managed WordPress Hosting. Incredible Money-Back Guarantee. Easy to work with. No technical know-how needed.

Automated Ecommerce Solutions


Oakmont Web creates prideful online shops

E-Commerce rose by 17.5% last year, blasting expectations and market research. Every day more and more consumers are turning to online. Your wealthy clients and customers turn to shop online for convenience more and more day after day. Lets get your shop online today! Mobile phones are the new normal! Lets create an accessible and automated online shop right now!

Professional Photo Services


Need professional photography or product shots in Salem, OR?
Come to our studio or we'll come to yours! We also help film videos for Youtube and optimize Youtube SEO for your small business!






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